Save the Beach, Sieve the Beach


It infuriates me that people dirty the beach just expecting the tide to come in and clean the mess up. It’s a really sick way to behave. The Beach Cleaner is just a very handy tool to make the lives of the people who clean these huge coastlines clean.

Simply a dustpan with a perforated surface, it makes for easier cleaning, letting the sand pass throughand leaving the garbage behind. No nonsense, just smart design.

Designers: Cui Weijian, Gao Xiang, Wang Yanwen & Li Yu Wei.





  • Slugsie says:

    Exactly how well does it work with wet, clumpy, sand? Really badly I suspect.

  • Antoine Duplessis says:

    Except, Lord Slugsie of the Trolls, if you’ve ever actually been to a beach, wet clumpy sand doesn’t hold on to water. It can dry within minutes. Plus if there’s any garbage around wet clumpy sand, what stops it from being pulled into the ocean?

    • Slugsie says:

      Having lived my entire life near the sea I can tell you with some certainty that wet sand does not at all dry within minutes. In fact it often doesn’t dry between tides at all (maybe it does if you live in the tropics, I don’t). Oh, and wet clumpy sand doesn’t hold on to water? Really? What the heck makes it *wet* clumpy sand then? As to your last question, I have no idea. Not even sure what you mean.

  • Carlos says:

    Where can I get this from?? I am really interested

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