Issey Miyake’s perfume-bottle design language, channeled into wristwatches

There’s certainly an element of luxury that overlaps the perfume and watch industry. They both are objects of desire and symbols of high-society. They even often have the same points of inspiration, with the liberal use of faceted glass, chrome, and gemstones if you’re looking to really up the ante… but there’s obviously a distinction between a watch and a perfume bottle. Lee Huang’s conceptual watch created for Issey Miyake blurs that distinction.

The conceptual Issey Miyake watch cleverly uses glass as a material for the watch body, as opposed to stainless steel. Borrowing the fluted design texture from most top-of-the-line fragrance bottle designs, the watch’s thick glass body comes with a unique textured rim that reflects light just the way a fancy looking glass bottle does. The glass body (and the dial cover too) come with a high refractive index that creates enough parallax to give it the appeal of a perfume bottle, along with just a slight tinge of frosting that actually helps cut the internal reflections to retain the watch’s minimalist appeal. In keeping with the timepiece’s clean, almost zen-ike design, a plain white leather strap suspends the crystalesque time-telling beauty to your wrist. Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?!

Designer: Lee Huang