All black desk setups that will inspire you to adapt this modern minimal trend

With 2020 becoming the year we all work from home, your setup has never mattered more. When working from home especially, it is important to carve that space out for ourselves where we can sit down, clear our mind, and focus on what needs to be done with speed and efficiency. Use these designs to get inspired, get to know yourself better, and create your own setup that rivals any of the ones featured here!

Benjamin Ong, who goes on Instagram by the name @thericebucket and is a self-proclaimed tech geek shows us his desk setup that has a dark theme with a hint of warmth running through it. Since he works on tech reviews as well as photography presets, his desk reflects the ease of access needed to quickly reach out to his camera or anything else needed to capture the moment before the light changes!

Landon Bytheway (@landonbtw), a fulltime filmmaker, content creator, and mentor is also a full-time dad and a star wars fan – all of which his desk setup reflects for him. Using a 2 monitor setup, one stacked above the other saves precious desk space while his lightsabers add a warm glow to the room. From the looks of it, his Padawan is more than excited to start his training!

I love concrete as the material of choice for a room and this setup by Garrett King (@shortstache) is the perfect inspiration for anyone who shares my love of concrete. Almost brutally raw, the setup showcases sharp corners in contrast with warm brown leather and wood accents. From the planter, the pen holder to the room itself, everything follows the concrete theme and creates a modern-looking minimal work setup!

André️ Ratola (@andreratola) literally highlights the yin-yang balance of the universe with this black and white setup. Using black as the primary color across his desk, that space is saved from being too dark with the white accessories that line the wall to his side.

One look at Spencer Ryan’s (@thespenceryan) desk tells you everything he loves at a glance – his love for gaming, coffee, and the count meter that shows his dedication to his social media pages. One thing though, this setup shows that a dark setup does not mean a dull setup. Looking at the pop of neon colors across his gadgets and we know this works for us!

Tim Chow (@tdchow) adds fun to his setup with the individual triangle-shaped lights- reshape them and light them up to add a new level to your desk setup. Special points for that beautiful mechanical keyboard that adds a contrasting focal point to the look.

Richii (@privatedesk) adds a pop of greenery to his setup with an amazing green wall! A documentary filmmaker by profession, his desk shelves are a mixed bag of things he loves – right from vintage scooter figurine, his collection of lenses, and his adoration of Steve Jobs, an inspiration for all designers.

This setup by Ronald Monte (@ronshredz) is every gamer’s dream! Dark, intense, and with a shocking use of white, this setup sets you up for some exciting gaming sessions. Game mode on.

If I could name this setup, I would name it Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Designed by Jonas Grossecappenberg (@jonasgrossecappenberg) this setup shows the importance and the impact of lighting on your setup – going from a fresh modern daytime look to a badass dark look in a jiffy!

If you think making your desk setup rock is an expensive job, think again. Ty (@tytydev) has a minimal setup, using a one-arm stand to lift his monitor while preserving the most important thing for any minimal setup – desk real estate. Add in some mood lighting and some badass wallpaper designs, you have a desk setup that will energize you for the day ahead!

Want more desk setup inspiration before you set up yours? Check out these badass desk setups curated by us, for you! If black is your color of choice, check these all-black interior designs to give your home a modern minimal makeover.