Summer Time Calls For Picnics And Coolers

Pretty soon we will have summer shining upon us and it will be time to pack up the sandwiches and cakes, get out the wicker hamper and bring down the trusty old ice-cooler from the attic. Gear up for Picnic Time folks!
I propose a slight change in this routine however; let’s ditch the old fuddy-duddy cooler for something as chic and classy (and better functional) as the LEVEL cooler.

Unlike the normal coolers where you really struggle to carry them up and down the stairs, LEVEL is more comfortable to carry thanks to its unique handles. The box is bottom heavy and the handle bars are placed slightly above the center point ensuring that it does not spin around randomly. The central wheel features a setting hub that allows you to lock the handle bar in a horizontal position. It’s much easier for two people to carry the box with the handles in this locked position. To lock it, turn the center hub and to release it simply turn it back horizontally.

There are two more interesting features to this ice-cooler. One is the draining system and the other is the dividers. For draining the melted ice water from the bucket, you need to pull on the bottom draining lid. From here the residual water drains out in a jiffy thanks to the concave base in the design.

Removable dividers have been added to the design for two purposes, one: so that you can stow foods and beverages separately according to your convenience and two: the dividers help in balancing the cooler by distributing the weight evenly.

Overall a cool design; now let’s just wait for summer….and the picnics!

Designer: Byron Lee