The walking stick gets a minimal makeover


There’s one aesthetic style that binds most products that are made for the elderly. You’ll notice that all products one associates with the aged, have a vintage style. Walking sticks are seldom made to look minimal or contemporary. Rocking chairs too. You’ll seldom find a pair of futuristic looking bi-focals.

Studio Shiro challenges convention with the ENEA walking stick. Made out of 3D printing, the stick has a contemporary air that makes a style statement, rather than looking like a disability device from a bygone era. The design redefines functionality while celebrating minimalism. It features a 3-axis handle that one can grip firmly (while making sure it doesn’t slip out of your grip). The handle’s 3 pronged design even allows it to be rested vertically on the floor. To make things more interesting, the load-bearing shaft of the stick features an extra projection that allows the stick to balance on the side of desks or counter-tops in a fashion that’s convenient and fun both at the same time.

To keep the stick as light as, if not lighter than its wooden or metal-pipe contemporaries (or should I say ancestors), the ENEA is made using a stress-bearing, porous inner structure, much like the inside of our bones. To achieve this unique construction, the ENEA is printed from top to bottom via 3D printing.

Designer: Shiro Studio