Copic Marker gets reinvented with a RGB slider to create a marker worthy of the future!

Every designer faces this struggle in their life, how many Copic markers can I buy, and how do I carry them all with me? Designers and their love for Copic markers is legendary, there is no replacing them. But how do we juggle which to carry and how? Well, designer and product sketching specialist Berkay Gursoy has a concept to inspire Copic, and it truly solves our woes.

This genius conceptual reinvention of the Copic markers combines all your RGB needs into one! The concept seems to be inspired by the Photoshop RGB color picker or even a printer (yes, we know a printer uses CMYK ink but I am referring to the mixing colors in real-time). The interface seems easy to use, with a slider for individual color – red, green, and blue. Its almost as if the photoshop brush came to life and presented itself in this marker! Lessen the clutter, switch colors efficiently, and no need for you to keep a track of multiple caps.

Berkay’s concept though it excites us, it also raises questions. First would be how to control the exact levels of the colors used, second would be how the nib would clear out the existing color. Maybe if we have a digital input to control the color input better, or a CMYK version to resemble the printer’s mechanism – the possibilities are endless and we can’t wait for Copic to bring this concept to life. A design designed to make designers’ lives easier.

Designer: Berkay Gursoy