Scissor Side Table is a minimal metallic + portable furniture that packs a punch with its compact form

A beautifully designed piece of furniture has the power to lend an air of elegance and calm to an otherwise mundane or messy space. It doesn’t have to be large, nor does it have to be woven with bells and tassels, its simplistic minimal demeanor is enough to add an interesting spark to a basic living room. And the Scissor side table just happens to be one such kind of furniture design. Side tables are usually ignored, and paid a meager amount of attention to while buying. However, the Scissor side table was definitely paid a considerable amount of attention to while designing, hence resulting in a simple yet power-packed piece of furniture.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

I’ve covered a ton of Deniz Aktay designs simply because they are oh-so-simple, elegant, and yet packed with massive functionality. The simplicity will almost make you wonder ‘Why didn’t I think of this?’, but unfortunately for us and luckily for Aktay, no one else can conjure these designs up except him. And his latest design the Scissor side table is no exception to this. The side table has a rather clean, simple, and matter-of-fact form that instantly makes you fall in love with it. Its highlight is its simplicity!

It features a round metallic tabletop that is supported by a bright red infinite metal tube. The metallic tube and its bold color instantly command attention, and the tube also functions as a useful handle to hold on to, if you want to move the table from one room to another. The Scissor side table’s innovative handle makes it a portable + easy to carry-around design, that you can conveniently transport from one place to another.

Much like its name suggests, the Scissor side table does look like a scissor indeed, providing it with a stark metallic appearance, and a bold personality. Although the side table has a strong and willful personality, it has a compact and space-saving form, which is a boon for modern-day apartments where space constraint is a major issue, and there isn’t much space to place a hefty and bulky piece of furniture.