3D Shoes! Footloose!

By pairing data acquisition, user behavior, and rapid prototyping, the designers at Pensar wish to create footwear conforming to our individual anatomy and using biomechanics as the foundation. The DNA concept leverages rapid manufacturing to create a shoe built to our foot contours. Pressure sensors and accelerometers fitted trainers are taken for a run and then based upon the data collected, the 3D printed shoe is created!


  • Throw on trainers outfitted with pressure sensors and accelerometers and go for a run.
  • Bring them back to the store, upload the data and a series of algorithms develops a shoe that fits the way your body moves.
  • Pushing the algorithms further will allow the computer to design a shoe that improves your running form or compensates for imbalances.
  • After the computer crunches the data, you’ll modify the aesthetics, and the 3D printer can start to build your shoe.
  • Within hours you have a shoe tailored to your foot, your movement, and your style.

Designers: Alex Diener & Pensar Development


  • John says:

    Sweeeeeet. Make it happen.

  • Hunter says:

    You realize that cork soles conform to feet just as well and more cheaply, right? No need to have a fancy machine 3D-print my shoes.

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  • nicole says:

    Then why do I get chin splints in my perfectly formed very compftorable nikes

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