All black interior designs that will inspire you to adapt this modern minimal trend

Being cooped up at home made me realize how old-school my home interiors have been. If you’re on a mission (like me!) to elevate your interiors – give it that modern, minimal Instagram worthy look while differentiating from the crowd, black is the color you have been looking for! Black being such a strong color, we are often reluctant to use it in our home. The designs today focus on black as the predominant color throughout the house and it shows you to balance the use of it, be it in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even bathrooms! Boldly use this color as no one has ever used before for great success.

Maxiup House visualized by Stephen Tsymbaliuk is the perfect balance of naturally brown elements with modern black fittings. This design also highlights that dark interior designs can be naturally lit up. The green accent plants are given emphasis by using subtle highlights, creating a pop of color within the earthy tones.

Often we find that the interior of the house and its exterior are designed separately, that the color scheme and theme chosen for the outside are not reflected on the inside. But this is not the case for the Pine House designed by Sasha Moloko of Line Design Studio. With a unique covered window replacing the traditional open terrace space, this house uses the color black to highlight its interiors while the black exterior creates a stark contrast with the surroundings!

The Beira Mar House is a 2.5 meter wide home that inverts the traditional logic by having a bright white exterior with muted dark interiors. The house even has a lovely backyard patio by modern stair light. Designed by Paulo Martin Studio, the house is located in Aveiro, Portugal.

With a strong dose of minimalism, this bathroom design of the house named Black Mirror II (no relation to the series though) is designed by Nadia Smitiukh and Illya Rastvorov. The matte black theme across this bathroom is at once stark as well as futuristic.

The Vipp Shelter is the way social distancing should be enforced. This exclusive one-bedroom one-of-a-kind hotel is completely disconnected from the modern world. The cozy dark interiors draw your attention to the comfy bed and the glass roof means you don’t have to get out of bed to do some nature watching! Quarantining and distancing from the depressing news in this house will be the vacation we need post-quarantine.

The Z House is a gabled home located on a steep Italian Alpine slope with strategically placed windows that showcase the beauty of the surroundings while retaining the privacy of the user. The strategic use of black with natural wooden textures provides a calming contrast to the colorful exteriors, with the fireplace adding more comfort to the overall feel of the house. Located in Camporosso, Italy, the house is designed by the award-winning Studio GEZA.

With an almost raw tone to the design, this bathroom by Igor Sirotov Architects plays on the classic combination of black and white to make their design stand out. The focus of the design is on the textures of the materials used, letting their natural aesthetics shine.

Creating one of the most beautiful places to quarantine in, designer Oksana Petrovska mixes hobbies and comfort with ease. Titled Autumn, one thing is sure, you will never lack comfort and things to do in this house, being it relaxing in front of the floating fireplace or star gazing in those country nighttime skies.

Kitchens are the designated happy space for most homes! Which translates to kitchens being the loud, noisy, almost chaotic space. But this kitchen designed by Chamberlain Architects and Ruum Living uses black to give the space an almost zen-like state. Practice cooking in this modern minimal kitchen to focus and love every aspect of your cooking process. It’s like what Marie Kondo says, everything you do with love will react better, and maybe that’s the secret to being the next MasterChef!

The Valke Vleug Winery, designed by Vincent Van Duysen boasts of a modern, angular design language with black interiors – even their wood is stained to an almost ash-grey/ black color. The highlight of the design showcased under the spotlight is their exquisite wine collection.