These urban pole attachments bring life back to the street while maintaining the new normal!

The world is slowly getting out of quarantine! While it remains to see how effective a move this is, we can venture out again, grab some food, meet our long lost friends, and get a healthy dose of Vitamin D. But there is a niggling worry that plagues everyone who ventures out – is it really safe? Is the person occasionally coughing a potential COVID-carrier? The questions are endless. Designer Felix Miquel came up with a solution that would help embrace the new normality for us – using sanitizers and social distancing by repurposing an existing part of our architecture – the humble roadside pole.

Meet the Extra Terrasse Tables. These tables attach with ease to any pole in your neighborhood and convert it into a small standing table, a sanitizer dispenser, or even an ashtray! It takes the daunting task of setting up new infrastructure for the local authorities as well as the local restaurants, cafes, etc, and makes it as simple as screwing this one attachment on. The design has four variations as of now – two tabletops that hold your knickknacks, food and drinks, an ashtray holder with a removable bucket for easy disposal of cigarette butts, and a box to hold the sanitizer dispenser. The sanitizer dispenser can be locked inside the box to prevent tampering with the contents and thefts.

In France, the cafés closed during the lock-down are opening, reinforcing this design as a smart alternative to enjoy a drink in the street with friends or a good way for the cafe owners to extend their terraces. The placement of sanitizers near any public space is an easy way to remind people to sanitize frequently. To top it off, Felix used only recycled wood to create these tables. Each of these attachments, in their core, is easy to use and customize based on our needs. The aim of the design is to improve the hygiene and health of the city, be it with using sanitizers and social distancing to stay COVID-free or using ashtrays to keep the pavements cigarette-free, its a win-win for all!

Designer: Felix Miquel with Martial Marquet Studio, Chloé Au Regan and ADN+