Don’t Judge By The Cover

I read my book everywhere; on the bed, in a chair, on the pot (you do too!), on the park bench… Point is, once engrossed, you really don’t bother about your posture and when that nagging pain in the neck comes visiting, you really wonder why! The Bookmate is a functional cover that protects the book, but can also be converted into a stand by folding out a few indents; encouraging a better posture for you. Although awkward and bulky it’s got 2 things in its favor: illuminating strips that work as light source at night and edges that double-up as bookmarks.

The flipside is that you have to use it on a table; kinda reminds you of study-time in school. Say goodbye to curling up with a book!

Designer: Kwon Jieun

[youtube: 605 445]


Bookmate – Book Stand by Kwon Jieun