This genius combination of a whiteboard and a post-it is a great productivity booster!

Reusable like a whiteboard, portable and sticky like a Post-it, the Mover Erase is the perfect tool for capturing ideas and taking them with you. And it’s sheer genius.

I never really realized (mea culpa on my part) that there always was a point of friction with whiteboards. You ideate on this large, white, wall-mounted surface, and then you end up copying the notes on a notebook you can carry to your workspace. Sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? Well, the Mover Erase combines the two experiences into one singular product, so you don’t have to perform the same activity twice. Currently in its second, more refined iteration (after a successful round of funding for its predecessor, the Mover), the post-it sized product comes with a magnetic strip on the back that lets you dock it anywhere, effectively taking your ideas with you, and its reusable design can be wiped and written on infinitely, saving you loads of paper in the process too!

The Mover Erase is one of those ‘why didn’t I think of it before’ type ideas that sound so obvious when you hear it… sticky notes you can reuse, rearrange, and place anywhere. The handheld product, which now comes in multiple colors, uses a row of magnets to stick on multiple surfaces, whether they’re magnetic whiteboards, fridges, lockers, or on the side of your metal desk-organizer cabinets. The Mover Erase community can even vote for new colors and patterns in the future. Got a non-magnetic surface to stick your notes on? The Mover Erase even come with tiny metallic stickers that you can place around your computer monitor, or on the wall beside you, turning them into magnetic surfaces for your notes and doodles. Perfectly sized for note-taking, the Mover Erase sports a silicone surface that works with all water-based markers (so you can even use a highlighter or sketch pen on it). Its square design is perfect for making grids using multiple units, and you can even rearrange them to make your notes more dynamic, unlike a notebook (who’s pages can’t be rearranged). With a patented design that features 5 magnets on one side, the Mover Erase sits flat on any surface, but can easily be lifted up by pressing against its magnets. A simple push causes the individual note to lift up, allowing you to easily remove, replace, and rearrange notes on the fly. Your written matter, doodles, and graphs can easily be wiped off with a piece of cloth, or under running water if the ink gets too stubborn. They say the average human uses 700 pounds of paper each year – averaging to roughly 8 trees and 7000 gallons of water to process those paper requirements. With the Mover Erase, that footprint is heavily reduced. Besides, it’s a much better way to ideate on your whiteboard or in your notebook, given you rearrange notes when you need, move them to one side when you don’t, wipe them clean when you’re reusing them, and carry them to your desk when you want them to be accessible. Oh, and they stack up too!

Designer: Bravestorming

Click Here to Buy Now: $33 $52 (37% off). Raised over $145,000.

Mover Erase – Mini Whiteboard on the Palm

The Mover Erase is a washable, reusable silicon whiteboard with a patented magnetic design. Mover Erase has two purposes. The first one is to cultivate a more focused habit and working environment. The second one is to be eco-friendly.

Regarding focus, the ability to be moved and swiped at will of Mover Erase enables us to make choices. Throughout the process, we can learn to prioritize important actions and let go of unimportant ideas.

Regarding eco-friendly, when writing something does not just happen on a piece of A4 or memo paper (throw it away after one time usage), but can be reused for many years, the waste of resources can be greatly reduced.

Tasks Brick by Brick

Brainstorm ideas brick by brick and bring your body to your work.

Bring the sense of playing chess into breaking down ideas.

Easy to store.

Your desk, your imagination.

Five 1mm fine-cutting magnets are embedded.

Ideas at a Glance

Snap to the Fridge.

Ultimate Green with Washable Silicon

The surface of Mover Erase is made with premium Silicon (different from normal whiteboard in the existing market, which is metal and may oxidate).

Not only erasable but also washable. On average, a person in the US uses more than 700 pounds of paper every year. Per person, 8 trees have to be cut down and 7K gallons of water need to be consumed through out the process.

With MagDisc Secure Visualization Everywhere

The MagDisc behind is embedded with 3M VHB Backing. You can reposition it and there is no trace. It is re stick-able.

Benefits of the Mover Erase

Having a big vision is important. Yet, breaking vision into small steps can be difficult, let alone making them doable. That is why they made them into BRICKS.

Bring your hands to your work with easy prioritization.

Single out your task at hand.

Create Flowcharts.

Click Here to Buy Now: $33 $52 (37% off). Raised over $145,000.