This smart water irrigation system keeps your plants fresh with zero effort

Many people have dogs and cats as their pets. Many people also have plants as their pets…in my case, my plants are my siblings because that is how much my mother loves them. You wouldn’t leave your pets or children without care when you leave for an extended period of time, so you make arrangements like drop them off to a pet hotel, or have an overnight sitter and maybe a regular gardener depending on your pet. If it is just a day or two, the cost isn’t high but if you are going on a vacation or a long business commitment then you need a smarter solution – especially if it is your plants and garden. Enter Eve Aqua, an award-winning watering system design!

Eve Aqua is a smart water controller that will continue to regularly and quantitatively irrigate your plants, lawn, flowerbed, or backyard. It is compatible with your smart devices as well as Siri so you can set up the home kit and control the system with your phone, tablet, etc. It has 7 watering periods in a day and you can set it up as per your needs and even create an autonomous schedule. These irrigation plans are stored in Eve Aqua so even if your device is disconnected, it will still do the job. It also has a two-channel water distributor so you can use it for irrigation without tying up your faucet. The auto shut-off feature makes sure you never have to watch the clock or come home to a flooded garden. It conserves a lot more water through its smart management system when compared to us doing it manually.

“The appearance is made from black textured plastic and has been offered Australian-certified UV protection. The aluminum frame is made from extruded type, then processed in CNC, Sandblasting, and anodizing. The chamfer on the aluminum frame is processed after sandblasting and anodizing,” says the team about its physical form and safety. It is compatible with other smart home systems and helps you maintain the health of your plants with insight and data. Keep your lawn fresh so you can feel refreshed!

Eve Aqua is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2020.

Designer: Eve

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