World’s first professional beard straightener gets you ready for a dapper-looking No-Shave November

Meet the Aberlite Pro, a truly innovative male-grooming product you’d expect from Dyson, if the company weren’t so low-key sexist. The Aberlite Pro compresses hours of beard-grooming into mere minutes, with its ionic de-frizzing technology that can take an untidy beard and smoothen it up in no time, giving you a gentlemanly mane that’s shapely, and makes you look incredible on Zoom meetings, or when you don’t have to wear that face-mask. Yes, Dyson. Men have grooming needs too.

The hair on your beard is nearly thrice as thick as the hair growing on your head… which means it’s 3x more difficult to manage. While a quick shampoo and comb-down can fix the hair on your head, maintaining and grooming a beard is much more time-consuming and ritualistic. You need to trim, tone, condition, and wax your beard to keep those hairs in line (I say this with utmost confidence as a beard-man myself). Designed to manage that mane around your mandible, the Aberlite Pro is a nifty, comb-shaped device that uses a combination of PTC heating and negative-ionic conditioning technology to smooth that beard. All you need to do is plug it in, set the appropriate heat setting, and comb away. The handle of the brush has an ionizer built into it, coating your beard-hair with negative ions and an anti-static coating as you run the brush up and down. The ions instantly detangle your hair, get them in line, and fix split-ends to make your beard look regular. The anti-static coating prevents the groomed hair from fraying apart for hours. While the ions help get your beard in shape, heat coils around the brush-teeth apply a consistent temperature to your hair, helping straighten them and making them longer. The coils are placed at the base of the teeth, keeping the heat far from your skin, while heat-resistant caps on the tip of each brush tooth prevent your skin from feeling the heat from the brush too. The Aberlite Pro comes with as many as 8 heat settings to choose from (depending on how unruly your beard is), and at its lowest setting, the brush even works on your head, allowing you to effectively style your hair in a swift motion… because bed-heads are real and the pandemic has only made them worse.

All that technology (along with a nifty auto-shutoff feature) fits right into a product that’s hand-held, portable, and literally the size of a regular brush. Designed to work on all sorts of beards, the Aberlite Pro makes it easy to perfectly groom yourself with a mere wave of your hand, saving you time and energy (because who really has the motivation to sit and apply creams, toners, and waxes anymore) and money in the long run too. Its safe, portable design makes it easy to travel with, and that heat + ionization routine should keep your beard groomed for days before you need to use the device again… Plus the Aberlite Pro begins shipping this month, which gives you enough time to get your hands on one before No-Shave November kicks in. You’ll thank me later.

Designer: Dominic Montante

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $120 ($41 Off). Hurry, only 4/325 left! Raised over $110,000.

Aberlite Pro – Professional Beard and Hair Straightener

The Aberlite Pro is a salon-quality men’s grooming tool designed for all types of beards and hair.

Softer & Neater Beard in 2 Minutes

Long-lasting results in just two minutes. They developed the Aberlite Pro from the ground up, spaced the heating elements closer together, and shortened the bristles. The unique four-column bristle structure allows for closer contact to your face and scalp.

Developed for Facial Hair of Any Length or Thickness

The heated bristles are distanced 2mm (~5/64″) away from your face, maximizing contact with hair, but keeping your skin cool. Negative ion conditioning and an anti-static coating detangle even the toughest knots. Coupled with these elements is advanced PTC heating, which delivers consistent, safe, and effective heat for long-lasting results in minutes.

Before & After

Anti-Scald Technology

The 2mm Anti-Scald Comb Tooth Technology allows you to efficiently straighten your beard close to its roots without burning. The brush bristles have cold tips that contact your face to prevent burns.

Cool enough to touch your face.

Advanced PTC Heating Technology

Aberlite Pro heats up quickly thanks to its unique PTC heating technology and only takes a couple minutes of use to make beards manageable and tamed for days. Simply plug the device in, select your desired temperature setting, and brush to your beard.

Automatic Shutoff

It shuts off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity to give you peace of mind.

Precise Temperature Range

Featuring eight temperature settings: 250/280/300/320/340/360/380/400°F. Just select the right heat setting according to your particular need to give your beard the perfect shape. Not too curly, and not too straight.

For Styling Hair Too

The Pro is a functional upgrade to noisy, bulky blow dryers and larger rounded brushes designed for women’s hair.

You can straighten your beard or hair at any angle with Aberlite Pro’s 360-degree swivel cord. The cord remains out of your way no matter where you need to reach on your head.

Hair Detangles Instantly

Aberlite Pro easily slides through your facial hair with less snagging and frizz thanks to advanced ionic conditioning, which emits negative ions during use, and anti-static coating features.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $120 ($41 Off). Hurry, only 4/325 left! Raised over $110,000.