Air Purifiers designed to help you breathe clean air freely

Let’s face it, we can no longer ignore the repercussions of air pollution and its time to get ourselves a good old air purifier! New data from WHO shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants. WHO estimates that around 7 million people die every year from exposure to polluted air – but here’s the thing, air pollution is a silent killer and maybe that’s why we don’t see it as a raging pandemic and react the way we did to COVID-19. The air purifier you choose has to meet your requirements – given our modern lifestyle, your residence can be anything from minimal to cramped but whatever your style, this collection of air purifiers will have something that matches your style!

Air O is the perfect fusion of a purifier and a planter that not only frees up and make corners of your home look tidy, it also gives your interior style a minimalistic upgrade. The designer Sheng-Wen Wang’s idea to combine plants with an air purifier was like adding a turbocharger to make the appliance perform better while retaining the soothing presence of plants. The appliance is designed to look like a luxury plant holder with pineapple-like grooves that add texture to the otherwise matte black gadget. Air O’s sleek make it a perfect fit in any space and you won’t have to worry about a bulky air purifier being an eyesore in your home. Also, the plant really elevates the environment apart from having emotional benefits.

The BioVYZR by VYZR Technologies, as strangely dystopian it may look, might just put us on a fast track to a more social future. More comfortable and definitely more protective than a face-mask, or a face-shield, the BioVYZR creates a ‘bubble of safety’ around you. The unit comes with an anti-fog visor that extends from your face all the way down, to give you unmatched visibility on the front that doesn’t mist up with your breath. A neoprene vest lets you strap the visor in place, creating a literal safe-space around you, while a fan and air-filter at the back route fresh air to the inside of the space, kind of like a space-suit. The air-filter built into the BioVYZR gives you the purification of an N95 mask, without the suffocating feeling of a cloth strapped to your mouth, and creates positive air pressure within the visor, enabling easy breathing and pushing old air out to let fresh air in.

Air Purifiers can often take up noticeable, and often valuable space within the room, and this problem continues when it comes to storing the device. But this certainly isn’t the case with Colt Chow’s Plant. The Plant is what happens when two products, a Fresh Air Ventilation System and Electric Curtain System, collide… and the resulting product is brilliant! In addition to the space-saving form, its function and user experience has also been greatly considered; both the primary filter and Carbon Filter, which introduce fresh air into the room, are concealed behind a magnetic lid, making the replacement process quick and simple!

Korean product designer Minho Lee has come up with ‘Air Wave’. Air Wave performs all the functions of an ideal air purifier but also manages to take it up a notch. It functions as a piece of furniture as well, seamlessly merging into the interiors of your home, with a colorful twist! Adapting to the changing trends of residential spaces, Air Wave cohesively compliments any living area it is placed into. Circular and tubular in shape, with four legs to support it, the purifier has been embellished with four curvy lines that serve as motifs representing the flow and movement of air. Resembling waves, the lines change color according to the quality of air in your home; blue for when it’s extremely clean, green for normal, yellow for when it’s turning impure and red for a high alert when the impurity hits the roof!

The Guilin lampscape by Kevin Chu comes with a base that uses edge-lit acrylic mountains to disperse light around the room. The abstractly designed edge-lit mountains come made from glass-reinforced acrylic and sit within slots in a metallic base fitted with a low-voltage 2700K warm LED light. The light shines through the base and the clear mountains, bouncing off the lines etched into the acrylic…. but that isn’t all. The Guilin Lamp also works as a photocatalytic air purifier that uses visible light to unlock certain naturally occurring minerals to cleanse the environment of impurities and toxins like 99.99% bacteria, CO2, formaldehyde, and odor particles.

With the ATMOBLUE, Leandro and his team developed an entirely new category of wearables that could actively purify the air of 99.9% of particles, pioneering a technology that made them sort of the Tesla of face-masks, as opposed to the N95 which only filtered 95% of the air. The mask featured “positive air pressure” which helped keep out germs and contaminants by making the air pressure inside the mask greater than the air pressure outside. Built-in fans pushed purified air right into the insides of the mask, allowing you to breathe normally, and one-way outlets got rid of the humid air, so your mouth never felt wet and sweaty.

Debuted at CES2020, the Atmōs face-mask from Aō Air is a wearable that provides 50x better air quality than even the best pollution masks. Rather than just being a HEPA filter that sits loosely in front of your nose and mouth, the Atmōs is a miniature air purifier, with multiple stages of air filtration powered by fans within the device that adapt to your breathing to provide as many as 240 liters of clean air per minute. In short, the faster you breathe, the faster the Atmōs delivers clean air to you. Their D’fend air purifying system even targets nanoparticles, trapping dust, pollen, or even very fine ash, giving you air that’s 50 times purer than what you’d get with a cloth mask.

Designers Jordan Steranka and Tai Geng decided to do their bit in moving towards a healthier and prolonged life for everybody. They created ‘Breathe’, an air purification product that provides us with clean air with every breath we take. Shaped like a nifty whistle, the primary goal was to make ‘Breathe’ as minute and handy as possible, without restricting airflow. The portability and physical comfort of the user was of the utmost importance. Equipped with a carbon filter that is connected to air sensors, and a removable mouthpiece which allows us to inhale through ‘Breathe’, it filters unclean air to allow the purest form to enter our system. The open structure allows for consistent airflow through an oblong airway, which also directs the airflow.

The Naava One comes as a singular unit that can be coupled with many of its kind. The unit can easily be moved around, thanks to wheels at the bottom, allowing you to add, modify, or remove partitions and change your space to suit your needs. Fitted with multiple species of plants, the Naava One can easily purify up to 60m2 of air, while the partition comes in a Duo format too, with greenery on both sides. An aesthetic and functional addition to your space, the Naava is perfect for offices as well as for homes.

Air quality varies from place to place as much as allergies vary from person to person… so, it makes very little sense that we all have the same purification systems available to us! Designed with this in mind, the TAC air purifier by Junku Jung provides custom air cleaning to suit you and where you live. Oh, and it’s super cute. Unlike other purifiers, it features unique filters, each dedicated to a specific type of allergen or pollutant. Live in a big city? Throw on the smog filter. Allergic to pollen? There’s a filter for that too. Simply layer the brightly colored filters to get just the right balance for you and your unique space!

On looks alone, the Airc air purifier by Cheng-Hann Wu blows the rest out of the water. You won’t find any ugly input/output tubes or ducts. You won’t even see an elaborate (or simple for that matter) interface with an array of distracting buttons or glowing screens. Rather, the unassuming design is as simplistic and symmetrical as it gets. Its internal filtration system is elegantly shrouded by a series of overlapping, functional fins that direct air in before being cleaned and released from the top. Its shape is an elegant abstraction of a vortex that looks more artistic and sculptural than appliance-like.

The Pillars of Parthenon’s iconic stature can now be beautifully introduced into your living room, bringing with it the clean, healthy air that we deserve. Appropriately named after the Greek God of the West Wind, Zephyrus by Jonggun Kim is a domestic air purifier unit that absorbs fine dust from the air that surrounds it. The pillar-like form isn’t only unique, but it also holds a functional benefit; the cylindrical footprint allows the unit to absorb particles from all sides, 360° degrees around itself, making it extremely efficient! In order for the simplistic design to not be interrupted, a minimalistic yet intuitive air condition indicator is positioned on the top surface of the device.