Delicious by design: This silicone bundt cake mold combines geometry and confectionery!

So much of the act of eating food happens with your eyes, that there are sciences regarding how food can be presented to help them taste delicious because they look appealing. Food can be designed to take you on a gastronomical journey, and simply placing food on something as basic as a white plate can help accentuate flavors because the colors look more vibrant. The T&T Cake Mold for WMF sort of builds on the same principle by making confectionery look incredible. Designed in the bundt-cake format, the T&T’s mold is almost like a work of design and architecture (and highly reminiscent of Dinara Kasko‘s work), using geometric shapes and patterns to make each of the cake’s 8 ‘pillars’ look absolutely unique and exquisite. The cake’s silicone mold is perfect for casting intricate textures, and allows you to eject the confectionery post-baking with incredible detail. The cakes look rather awe-striking on their own, but coat them with some mirror glaze and they should look absolutely ready for Instagram!

Designer: Rudolf Schelling Webermann for WMF