This smart ear inspection gadget uses AI to reduce diagnostic errors by 50%

Ear infections are the second most common illness to be diagnosed in children and also the one with a 50% error rate in diagnosis according to multiple studies including one from the Centre for Disease Control. Designer Joe Slatter wanted to do something to reduce the burden of The Global Burden of Diseases where ear infections rank 5th, so he created Oto!

Most ear examination tools have cameras but Oto, a conceptual medical device, comes with AI camera attachment that helps to minimize diagnostic errors. If the diagnosis is incorrect (something that happens often with ear infections) then the patient can develop antibody resistance when it’s not needed. Because of the AI support, healthcare professionals can record and upload media onto electronic health records. The AI diagnostic support provides precise readings and assists the doctor in getting more accurate results. The AI camera attachment encourages patient interaction while following social distance guidelines as much as possible. Oto features manual focus as well as automatic and comes with a charging base.

Oto doesn’t compromise on its form or function, it is ergonomic and capable of bettering the health diagnosis overall. “Low-fidelity models informed a form that provides a balance of comfort, control, and precision. Mid-fidelity prototypes refined the internal structures and mechanisms before producing an aesthetic model for further testing,” says the designer about the extensive prototyping process to get Oto’s form right. Apart from being one of the smartest medical ear examination devices, Oto is also the sleekest!

Designer: Joe Slatter

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