The Felt+Pin chess set is basically a large, playful pincushion!

Just don’t play it with the board on your lap.

The Felt+Pin Chess set’s unique design comes from Swedish studio Induku and features a thick felt-fabric playing surface (similar to the kind of surface you’d see on pin-boards), and laser-cut wooden chess pieces with pin-shaped bases. Just place the board on a flat surface (ideally a lawn works best) and go ahead and play your game of chess by pushing the thumbtack-ish pieces into the felt base. The game works horizontally on the grass as well as tables (preferably glass ones, so you don’t damage wood), but the best way to play it is hang it up on a wall and play a game of vertical chess, sort of like how it looks when you’re playing it on a computer screen. Should make a great addition to offices that want to have games lying around in their recreation zones, but aren’t particularly enthused with the idea of setting up dartboards.

Designer: Induku