Save your nails and beat the stress with this innovative wave spring key ring

We all know that it’s a good idea to keep keys together in one place, but no one talks about how painful that can actually be. Key rings are basically a single piece of metal bent to coil in a circle, and that design hasn’t changed one bit in decades. It’s a simple design that’s meant to keep your keys secure to the point that you’ll break a sweat or break a nail when actually trying to add a key to the ring. Worse, the rings that do try to be more flexible and easy on the nails end up being less reliable instead because of their softness. Fortunately, the solution isn’t as complicated as you might think, as demonstrated by this distinctive key ring that takes its smarts from the design of aerospace equipment and cars.

Designer: MAENI

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The common key ring is really just a flattened coil of metal, the most practical shape not just for holding a bunch of keys but also for securing them in place. In order to prevent those keys from accidentally getting loose, that coil provides no gap in between and is often quite rigid, requiring you to exert a lot of force to open one end for a key to get through, which often ends up with broken nails. Conversely, there are rings that are so thin and pliable that they get easily deformed the moment you deal with thicker keys and objects.

The simple answer to this decades-old probably is apparently to change the kind of structure used. Instead of that traditional coil spring, this key ring employs a “coiled wave spring” shape instead. This kind of spring is heavily used in heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, from aerospace to automobiles. Turns out that this same wavy shape is perfect for a more user-friendly key ring that won’t break nails or test your patience.

With this wave spring design, inserting a key is as easy as sliding it into the ring through the natural gaps made by the waves. To remove a ring, simply lift the tip without worrying about damaging your nail. The key ring is designed to be as stress-free to use as possible, removing any hurdle to keeping your keys organized and safe in a single place.

Despite its uncommon appearance, this stress-free key ring is actually lighter than a typical keyring at only 3 grams. That’s thanks to a thinner material, only 0.8mm thin, and its beautiful waveform shape. At the same time, it’s actually twice as strong with a high-tension stainless steel SUS304 body so it won’t get bent out of shape even if you insert a thick key. Whether it’s to protect your nails or to protect your sanity, this one-of-a-kind key ring will give you peace of mind knowing all your keys are in one place and that you can add or remove them easily as often as you want.

Click Here to Buy Now: $25