This Apple-inspired conceptual camera is the bridge between DSLR cameras and smartphones

Ever wanted more than a phone camera but less than an advanced camera? This conceptual Apple-esque iCamera perfectly fits that gap! DSLR cameras can be daunting if you are just starting out but if you want to learn beyond the simple point-and-shoot then this camera is the perfect stepping stone into your visual art journey.

Get those professional shots without having to study the manual and watch several YouTube videos, the iCamera aims at breaking down the complexity of advance cameras to make people comfortable with the idea of shooting with a gadget that is not their phone. “It increases your ability and easily leads you to the world of cameras,” says the designer about the gap he wants to bridge with this concept design. The designer wanted to simplify the existing advanced cameras’ user experience by making the body more compact and lighter. The bulk of the lens is reduced but it still includes the revolving functionality to zoom. However, now you can do it comfortably with just a finger. It also aims to make transferring your files easier through cloud-based technologies – that one tedious task every photographer hates to do but has to do. So say goodbye to HD cards, setting up Bluetooth, and keeping a track of multiple accessories that one usually needs to transfer. It charges wirelessly and has a handy flash that attaches magnetically to the body!

The idea revolves around letting you control everything with one hand. The ergonomic form and intuitive design make the process of creativity flow smoothly. The iCamera was envisioned with the latest technology like triple lenses (wide + normal + zoom) and highly calibrated sensors so you don’t have to rely on carrying additional lenses. It also features WiFi connectivity and eSim so you can share your memories from wherever you are. I love the idea of the iCamera, it is the perfect gateway into advanced photography and the right solution for businesses that have creative requirements which can be met without buying unnecessary equipment. This camera is basically Goldilock’s perfect mid-range choice!

Designer: Cha Hee Lim