MOFT gives your laptop a sleek, instantly adjustable stand

I don’t think companies understand how valuable a laptop would be if they built a stand right into it. Until then, designs like MOFT will always be there to save the day.

The laptop’s biggest pro has always been convenience, while its biggest con usually goes overlooked. Designed, as the name suggests, to be placed on the lap, the laptop is considered to be nothing short of an ergonomic nightmare, with a screen that makes you bend your neck till it aches, and a keyboard that causes wrist and finger pain with prolonged use.

Now this arrangement has sparked an entire industry of desks and stands that let you prop your laptop up so you can work sitting upright, or work while standing, or just work with a natural posture that doesn’t cause physical pain, but where the laptop succeeds in convenience and portability, these solutions tend to fail. Desks can’t be carried around where you go, and stands are usually either bulky or heavy, given that they need to support the constant weight of the laptop plus your palms, making both solutions portability-unfriendly.

The MOFT grasps that design brief almost perfectly. Thin as a coin (barely 3mm in thickness), and light as a pen, the MOFT sticks to the back of your laptop almost like a cover of sorts. When folded, it sits flat against the back of your laptop (thanks to hidden magnets), practically indistinguishable and invisible, and when deployed/unfolded, uses a clever bit of structural engineering to support your laptop in not one, but two angle settings.

Channeling Dieter Rams’ principle that Good Design must be Invisible, the Moft sits flat on the back of the laptop. It adheres to the laptop’s body using a reposition-able adhesive pad that allows the Moft to be placed on the laptop whenever needed, and removed when you want (just in case you’re using a company laptop, or you’re upgrading to a new one). The Moft’s universal design means it can be placed on any laptop that has a flat base, and can support as much as 18lbs of weight, thanks to its unique triangular load-bearing folded-out shape.

Designed to be the one stand you’ll always carry with your laptop, the Moft’s genius isn’t just in the fact that it’s thin, lightweight, that it comes with two angle settings, and works with any laptop, it’s also in the way it integrates onto your laptop and into your lifestyle. Perpetually available because it sits permanently on your laptop’s back, it’s hard to forget the Moft behind, as you probably would a charger or a wireless mouse. The Moft comes in a variety of colors to match your laptop, and can be used anywhere, at work, home, or even at a local café, to give you the laptop’s convenience of working on the go and a laptop-stand’s comfort of working for long hours without the fatigue.

Designer: MOFT Studio

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MOFT is the world’s first invisible laptop stand. It follows the “invisible design” philosophy: unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, unnoticed when carried. It acts as a natural, seamless appendage of your computer.

A laptop is a great tool for working. But its low screen positioning and fixed keyboard forces users into awkward postures, causing neck-and-shoulder pain and diminished comfort. That’s where MOFT comes in.

Good design is invisible and MOFT is just that! MOFT acts as a natural, seamless appendage of your computer.


MOFT is ridiculously easy to set up. Weighing a mere 2.3 oz and at only 1/9” thick, it is easy to carry.

Adjustable at a dual-angle and allowing for a healthy posture, the MOFT stand is equipped with two elevation adjustments, making it easy to find the ideal height and comfort.


The high-lifting mode significantly optimizes a sitting posture, applying a 3-inch elevation to the computer screen. The low-lifting mode soothes the wrists when typing and can be perfectly adaptable to standing desks.

It’s very easy for you to use MOFT stand and only takes one second to open and close it. So you won’t have a frustration of spending much time on packing and unpacking the device.


MOFT stand is constructed with unique PU and fiber glass material, meaning it’s as strong and stable as other bulkier stands at a fraction of the size! It can hold up more than 18 lbs.


It’s compatible with a wide range of Laptops – Fits up to 15.6″ Laptops.

It features built-in magnets, making it easy to open and close.

MOFT stand’s removable glue lets it conveniently attach and detach from your laptop without leaving a single mark or scratch, re-attaching with the same strong effectiveness.

MOFT is available in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Space Grey.





Click Here To Buy Now: $19 $24 (21% off).