An Eco-friendly wireless fan for the island breeze and aesthetic!

I am currently quarantining in India and it is peak summer here. When I say peak I am talking about 108°F with 80% humidity – think of it as a sauna room without any temperature control and you can’t leave. So naturally, the spots right under the ceiling fan are prime but since I share the house with more than one person, we have a cooler which brings another problem to the scene – you can only sit near a plug point. Times like these are when I think about fans being wireless like most of our home appliances and little did I know that it already exists and that too a rattan fan – technology and tropical aesthetic in one!

The rattan fan’s form has been inspired by some classic rattan pieces like the iconic chair, woven baskets, beach bags, and lightweight cabinets that you find on islands. It is airy, it technically has to be, but it visually adds a ‘lightness’ to the room it is in. Rattan is a natural sustainable material that is versatile (talk about being used from furniture to fashion) and sturdy. It also adds a touch of luxury while remaining subtle and unobtrusive to the existing interior design. Unlike coolers, the wireless rattan fan is not an eyesore and provides the flexibility to sit anywhere because the power of the breeze is in your hands now.

While it may look like a simple appliance, this appliance has all the features of a modern fan – swing, timer, and speed controls all seamlessly integrated on the back as slightly-dipped buttons so the form remains smooth. It also comes with a matching neutral-tones remote and a charger that goes on the base of the fan. I also love the fact that it has a handle which makes it easy to move around and that actually works in places where wheels aren’t the most efficient (like carpets or tiles that you don’t want to have skid marks on!). The earthy tones make it fit within any space and I am sure no one would complain as long as they have almost-island wind blowing right at them.

Designer: MMM Design Studio

rattan fan

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