This KTM x Red Bull bike envisions riders using brain machine interface for a 2035 Moto-GP race

The bike’s design envisions a Brain-Machine Interface (akin to Elon Musk’s Neuralink) connecting the machine with the racer’s brain making the flow of command and interaction almost seamless.

Let me confess; I was mildly intrigued with Moto-GP until I attended my first race ever in Twin Ring Motegi, Japan, in 2017 – the sound of those bikes racing is etched in my memory. I discovered a newfound respect for the biker’s skill and courage while getting soaked to my bones in an unrelenting drizzle! Unfortunately, this was the event where I had to watch the legend Valentino Rossi, crash at Turn 7 on the sixth lap while running in ninth place – and if there is a way to make these machines safer, I am all for it!

Taking a vision of the future into consideration, automotive design student Minhyuk Seung has penned a jaw-dropping Moto GP concept carrying the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing livery. The technology showcased in this design should be available by 2035 for the conceptual KTM RC – F35.

Unlike other racing concepts that picture a future of autonomous racing on the speedy circuits, Minhyuk believes that the human element will always be there. I totally agree with him as emotions, sudden situations, and racing strategies seen in this sport are human at heart. However, we cannot discuss the future without AI, and the bike incorporates an AI-enabled self-balancing technology. This neat piece of technology means the racer can concentrate on the race while maneuvering tight turns.

In addition, the design boasts an exciting tilt motor (located on the top and bottom) driving system for aggressive cornering. The bike’s connects to the racer using the BMI technology (Brain-Machine Interface), making the flow of command and interaction almost seamless. The BMI tech, if realized, seems like the neural connection between the Avatar’s Na’vi and their creatures – forging a bond where human-machine interaction goes beyond the screens we see every day.

This Moto GP concept takes inspiration from the Icarus’s wing, while the visual design takes cues from the Swallow, the national bird of Austria. What we love the best is how the design balances stunning aesthetics with thoughtful functionality. Overall the KTM RC – F35 concept feels like it could turn real with ease, especially given the strides with Elon Musk’s Neuralink. Elon, we have some inspiration for you and hope you are listening!

Designer: Minhyuk Seung