This miniature self-watering herb-planter can be magnetically attached to your fridge!

I couldn’t possibly articulate it better than designers Arun and Karanvir, who call the Pico “the farm that fits in your palm”! It’s an elegant (and frankly accurate) way to describe this portable, self-watering planter that’s small enough to be attached to the side of your fridge for the freshest, healthiest produce ever.

The Pico is a tiny self-contained, self-watering planter with its own lighting unit that’s portable enough to be placed anywhere, from a kitchen countertop, to even mounted on a wall. Slightly smaller than an Amazon Echo, the Pico lets you access fresh herbs and produce faster than you can say “Hey Alexa”, because it’s designed to be your own personal kitchen garden!

The Pico planter is a smaller, more effective, and more convenient sibling of last year’s Herbstation, which led the movement to empower people to grow their own greens. Given that as much as 50% of your greens’ nutrition gets lost from the time it is harvested to the time it takes to reach your plate, and that you never really know where the produce you buy is actually coming from, Pico was designed let you grow your own greens in the freshest of conditions, without any chemicals or wastage, and for free! It’s tiny, portable, and frankly adorable design is reminiscent of a Tamagotchi, but here’s where things were designed to get easier. The Pico actually comes with its own sun-mimicking growth light and a self-watering reservoir, so you literally have to do the bare minimum of charging it and replenishing the water supply once every week and the plant practically grows itself.

Moreover, the Pico is designed to be convenient and portable. Why’s that important, you ask? Because most people don’t like the idea of a kitchen garden because it sounds ‘messy’. By being small, mess-free, and so convenient you could have multiple planters around your home, Pico takes the hassle out of growing your own herbs. It’s as small as a Smart-Speaker, which means you can place it on any desk or tabletop, and it also comes with a variety of attachments on the back, from magnets to wall-mount hooks, to even velcro, allowing you to stick the planter on your fridge, cupboard, wall, or even a soft-board. Moreover, the lighting unit comes with a telescopic attachment that you can expand as your plant continues to grow upwards!

Ultimately, Pico’s job is to make botany convenient and accessible. While the very idea of the Pico was to grow microgreens in your kitchen, you can use it to grow decorative flowers or even air-purifying plants. Its self-watering, self-lighting technology does the hard work for you, leaving you with the job of just admiring your plants as they grow on their own, and occasionally dipping in to grab a handful of the freshest herbs to garnish your food with!

Designer: Arun Raj, Karanvir, Vaishnavi and Sumedh

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Pico: A Garden in your Palm

Get plant parenting right with Pico – with telescopic LED grow lights, multiple mounts, and a self-watering system.

The Problem with Plants

While having plants is immensely rewarding—both mentally and physically—it is not always easy.

Pico – No More Guess Work!

Don’t worry about under-watering or overwatering. Don’t worry about them not getting enough sunlight or being too exposed. Be it edibles, succulents or ornamentals, Pico knows what your plants need.

This little thing.

Transforms into this.

And has some cool LED grow lights.

Sticks anywhere, waters itself and grows anything!

Pico Features

Your Personal Sun

Thanks to Pico’s multi-spectrum LED grow lights, giving your plant enough light isn’t a problem anymore.

Powered by high-performance power-efficient LEDs from OSRAM, Pico provides all the necessary wavelengths of light to replace the sun completely, and allow you to grow plants all year round.

These powerful LEDs are chosen to support a wide range of plants and each color wavelength stimulates a specific biological function in plants.

The LEDs are mounted on an easily-adjustable telescopic arm—because plants grow like crazy under our LEDs! Reminiscent of a vintage radio antenna, it grows alongside your plants. As they extend upwards towards the light, extend Pico by up to a foot in height.

The aluminum heatsink makes the LED module rigid and lightweight; it also helps the LED chips last longer through its excellent heat dissipation.

Self-watering System

Pico’s watering system makes sure your plants have as much water as they need—no more, no less—to sustain their health and beauty. All you need to do is pour water in once a week.

Like the roots of your plants pulling water through the soil towards them, through capillary action, Pico wicks the water from the reservoir into the soil. As your plants soak up the water, Pico just feeds them more. This ensures that they never dry out or are left to rot in too much water.

Employing just capillary action and gravity, this design does not require any power supply or involve a motor or pumps.

Place Your Plants Anywhere

With 3 interchangeable mounts (magnetic, velcro and wall mount), you can grow anywhere.

With its USB Type-C ports on both sides, you can chain multiple Picos together and build yourself an indoor jungle! Just connect cables to either side, and each Pico will accept and pass-through power to the next one.

Grow Anything You Like

With Pico, they made sure to get all variables just right, so you can grow your favorite herbs at home without a hassle.

Available in Tangy orange, Oh-so-lemon and Krispy mint.

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