Kitchen Island

Flamboyance in prepping the food, presenting and entertaining guests from the kitchen space is an art in itself. Pelago Kitchen Island is for those who like to show-off their cooking skills but have limited space. The workstation features multiple counter surfaces that slide away to reveal the sink and has drawers for specific tasks. Granite countertops and aluminum sinks are the obvious choice of materials as they are easy to maintain. It even has a niche space for 2 people to sit while you do the cooking.

The Main Features:

  • A sliding counter-top surface hides prepping sinks when closed, maximizing space and creating an area for either food prepping (sink open) or an entertaining area (sink closed).
  • The two smaller prep sinks make it easier to segregate raw meat from vegetables, reducing the risk of cross contamination. In addition, a larger primary sink is in the center of Pelago providing an area for storing dirty dishes.
  • Multiple sized drawers house different kitchen utensils, tools and dishes.
  • A hands-free opening garbage drawer prevents the spread of bacteria.
  • Opposite the sink station is a kitchen bar counter that is part of the island. Seating for two

Designer: Curtis Ma



Pelago Kitchen Counter Design by Curtis Ma