Suspended body visors that will keep you social and socially distant

We are all itching to go back to restaurants or maybe just work with friends in a cafe. For many of us take out was a part of everyday life and people would look forward to fine dining dates, be it to celebrate occasions or simply the weekend. Designers and leaders are working on innovative solutions that can help us get back to our routine lives faster while still practicing social distancing. One such brilliant idea is Plex’Eat, a visor-lamp, by Christophe Gernigon!

Earth is reopening bit by bit and the first thing on everyone’s mind is grabbing a bite outside! Plex’Eat was designed for the new normal of dining out. Since we can’t wear masks while eating, Gernigon has created large, lamp-shaped, protective visors that are suspended over the diner’s upper body to keep them safe while enjoying their meal. The hanging shield is made of clear lightweight plexiglass which lets everyone enjoy social interaction without risking their safety. The shape of these upper body-visors also has a curved opening at the back which allows you to move in and out of it with ease – no bending and swerving!

Plex’Eat is easy to clean for the staff in-between service and doesn’t take away from the experience of enjoying a meal outside. In fact, I think this better – no one can spill on you, if you have a friend who spits while talking you can still hang out with them, if you have shocking news you don’t have to wait for them to swallow their food/drink. I vote for Plex’Eats!

Designer: Christophe Gernigon