Rest Your Weary Legs

Designer Yong Rok Kim listened to the woes of people using crutches and aims to ease their healing process. His Crutch Chair is exactly what it sounds like – crutches that turn into a chair to rest your weary legs.

I’ve personally never had to use crutches (knock on wood), but I would imagine shifting all your weight to one leg can get tiresome. Knowing myself, I’d probably demand an electric wheelchair complete with tilt sensors, accelerometers, and touchscreens. However these crutches – tho they don’t form a true seat, do seem to provide a nice temporary break from hobbling.

Designer: Yong-Rok Kim


  • Christine says:

    Definitely looks better than the usual wooden ones but completely useless accesory to leaning against a wall.

  • Jason L. says:

    Very nice. These new crutches have style!

  • sarah says:

    a new design of crutches,but its color looks like unsafe.

  • kip kido says:

    even if it didn’t connect and make a place to rest, it is still a good design for crutches. i have to walk with canes from spinal damage, and i hate walking around with these 2 big black ugly things.
    as far as the ability to connect and make into a seat. it think it is completely useful. even if one leg is damaged it is harder to get up from sitting with knees bent at right angles. it would be easier to “get up” from sitting on a seat that high because you are almost already standing, but your still taking some of the weight off your feet.

  • mtopper says:

    cutches need to be adjusted correctly so that the user is upright while standing (not hunched over). this may mean that the part held by the hands is not at the right level for the ass to sit on (without constant adjustment of the extension pieces in the legs of the device).

  • rexplex says:

    Spent a summer on crutches between 6 & 7 grades – I used to put one crutch upside down & use the hand grip as a foot stool. Very comfortable,
    This is an interesting concept, but Mtopper has a good point

  • heh says:

    i like those nikes he’s wearing ^_^

  • Walter Villa says:

    Great project as all Yank projects 🙂

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  • kazushi Sakamoto says:

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