This modular furniture creatively reduces waste and assembles like a giant LEGO project

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, flexible lifestyle is the future and it is amazing to see how product designs are pivoting to be more modular to suit that change! Furniture designs are seemingly leading this game. The Un-Lim collection was specifically created so you can switch up the function and form of your furniture to fit your needs instead of going out to buy a new piece every time something changes. Un-Lim stands for unlimited and that truly shines through this set.

“Unlimited imagination and unimaginable needs of people could be contradictory to the limitations of our planet and our capacities as human beings. The consumption patterns we have adapted have led to global warming, polluted air, soil, and water while putting pressure on people, both in working conditions and a psychological obsession to gain more without answering the real needs,” says designer Ariyan Davoodian on what inspired him to create modular furniture for every space. The aim was to reduce the unnecessary (and constant) buying by using creativity and sustainable development to meet our furniture needs that also work for our environment.

Un-Lim is an ageless collection that can be molded and changed over time – think of it as redesigning your own furniture using the same pieces to create a whole new form and function! It comes with 8 different parts that you can combine to match your space and needs. Turn it from a bed to a table to a chair seamlessly. The separate modules come with a notebook that tells the story of its production timeline from the furniture’s point of view! It also includes a piece of wood from the tree that was used and a shoutout to all wood craftsmen who worked on your set.

Think of it as a running LEGO project that you can actually sit on without getting poked. The designer wanted consumers to have a long-lasting relationship with the pieces that are a part of their home and use them to express their creativity while saving natural resources and reducing waste. It teaches you to find happiness with what you have instead of finding it in a new product every other year.

Designer: Ariyan Davoodian

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