This modern Korean rice cooker’s touch control panel is also a clock

Comfort food is essential right now and carbs top that list for me! Rice is a pantry staple and one of the quickest things you can cook. And the best part is that rice goes with everything – it truly does. Rice cookers are the silent heroes of our kitchen and this conceptual Cuchen rice cooker is giving the clunky appliance a modern makeover.

This futuristic rice cooker won’t need to be hidden away in a cabinet – it is minimal, sleek, and designed to fit your smart home. It has a concaved round shape that rests on a metal base with a touch-enabled user interface on the side. The control panel is in a slightly depressed circular mold that separates it from the rest of the device – this was intentionally created so that when the rice cooker is off, the panel blends in seamlessly, and when it is turned on it is clearly defined for the user. The soothing visuals of the rice cooker are further elevated by a dimly glowing clock that appears in the place of the control panel.

It was envisioned to fit in any interior style and give you another reason to cook rice. I imagine the concept design to also include features like voice control or syncing with your phone so that you don’t have to physically be present other than when you’re ready to eat. Rice cookers aren’t usually looked at smart or modern devices, but Cuchen makes you want to show yours off! And if its dishwasher safe, we have a winner.

Designer: Joonhyuk Hong