This conceptual rollable tv solves the one issue with other rollable TVs

Rollable TVs are not new, they definitely make our walls look cleaner but you know what they still continue to do like their traditional predecessors? Occupy shelf space. I have lived in New York and let me tell you – if anything requires you to buy more furniture to support it, it’s not going to work because we don’t have space. What I could have really used during my time in the Big Apple would have been this small innovative solution, the conceptual Rollean TV that is built into a shelf BOOM! Rollable TV? Shelf? This shape-shifting appliance plays a double “roll”.

Unlike the retail industry scam of ‘built-in shelf’ bras, the Rollean TV has been truly designed on the ideology of a built-in-shelf. This is genius for a couple of reasons, the first being you don’t have to spend more money on getting furniture to support your TV and second being the TV is actually able to support your things which would otherwise be strewn all over the place (like car keys, house keys, the keys to your future). This rollable TV concept blends with your interiors, it is minimal and sleek, unlike the usual TV stands. You simply roll out the screen when you watch to binge Netflix and slide it back to turn it into a table – ninja skills!

You can lean it against a wall and roll the screen down or if you have existing furniture but don’t like the bulkiness of your TV, simply rest it on the shelf and pull the screen up, no bending required. When not being used, only a part of the TV remains exposed and shows the time which means its not just a table, it is a smart table that will fit within any interior setting. Its unobtrusive, modern, and space-saving, almost like it was made for urban dwellers who are craving for a flexible lifestyle and space (pun intended!).

Designer: Joonhyuk Hong