Desk setups that maximize your work from home productivity!

Working from home, a luxury previously is now posing challenges to the world. With the lockdown making us come up with creative solutions to our working woes, one thing is for certain, the need for a work from home setup is higher than ever. So why not use this time to inspire us? Desk setup’s are a reflection of our work personality – from your interests and passions to help you focus better, each of these desk setup is sure to be a conversation starter.

Lucas Talbert’s dorm room setup puts all the dorm rooms to shame! With this off-the-desk setup, you have plenty of space to navigate the existing school desk space while retaining the modern aesthetics.

There is no such thing as ‘too big a screen’! We love this vibrant desk setup which is perfect for working from home and Netflix and chill once work is done!

This setup by @marccaldwelldesign showcases his love of music and clean graphics with an equally modern, minimal setup!

This setup is the king of all cable management! Not a single loose wire in sight, this desk setup gives you an almost futuristic feel. Can’t wait for the time computers go wireless!

If black is your thing, then this setup by Gary Kwok is meant to be your inspiration! The monochromatic colour scheme takes away from the distractions and helps you focus on the bright screen in front of you.

Junsue’s desk setup proves that you don’t need a whole room to create a dedicated space for yourself! A simple alcove can be transformed to create your creative space, as shown here!

Matthew Encina, the Chief Content Officer of The Futur uses the page Mod Musing’s to showcase his work setup and daily lifestyle. Now since this is the setup that helps him be super productive, it is sure to surge us with some Monday morning motivation!

Vertical screens are a great tool to get all that extra screen space while saving up on precious desk real estate! So if your workspace demands on, get inspired by this setup and don’t shy away from using a vertical screen to get the best of both worlds.

Matt LaVasseur’s desk setup makes an attic look cool all over again. Using the skylight to create a natural highlight, the setup plays with lights and uses the window as an extremely creative focal point for the user to think while getting rid of all their distractions.

Your setup is a reflection of your work personality. Satechi’s desk setup allows you to reflect that boss spirit and motivate you for work every morning!