The Obsidian captures 360° Stereoscopic 3D videos… in 8K

Colored black to look powerful and premium, and christened Obsidian because it’s an unshakeable force to reckon with, Kandao’s VR camera comes with 6 fisheye lenses arranged in a hexagonal layout. Here’s where the mind-boggling feature list begins. The Obsidian doesn’t just shoot in 360°. It shoots in 3D 360°, using a clever algorithm that processes both left and right channels, stitching together the videos and images captured in real-time. Impressive? How about the fact that it also shoots 8K at 30fps?

Most 360° VR experiences fall short in one aspect. They’re flat (there’s no difference between the left-eye and right-eye channels), unlike our human eyes that see in 3D. Obsidian’s ground-breaking 3D VR technology literally captures immersive video the way our eyes see the world, and with an 8K resolution, promises to be the world’s most mind-meltingly immersive VR camera ever. No wonder it won an innovation award at CES, a German Design Award, an iF Design Award, AND got some serious compliments from Facebook’s VR engineer director, Brian Cabral.

Designers: Julien Gueuning & Christophe Branchu for Kandao.