Rodeo for books


My design mentor has a brilliant saying. Find the frustration and hack it. You know how annoying it is to scan books. Especially fat ones. The spines tale a lot of stress, not to mention that little gradient you get in all your scans where the page bends inwards and meets the spine. Overall, it isn’t a good experience for you or the book. The SaddleScan changes that.

For starters, it looks like a miniature alien built a tent on your desk. SO intrigue works well for any design’s visual aesthetic. And now for the frustration hack. This novel scanner has a unique design that allows your book to naturally rest on it. Dual scanners on each face of the SaddleScan take clear un-distorted images of both the pages, making your life a little less complicated. And the book’s happy too. It wasn’t forced to perform a split! Imagine that being done to you!

The SaddleScan is a Red Dot Best of the Best award for the year 2015.

Designer: Eric Wang