This modular mix-n-match furniture blurs the boundaries between desk and bed

Designed by Geoffrey Pascal, this furniture collection makes life easier for those who want to work on their bed without the risk of napping! The 3 pieces in the Grafeiphobia’s Unexpected Office range are based on the frame of a basic, slatted wooden bed. It gives a true ergonomic benefit by supporting the user to comfortably be in NASA’s Neutral Body Position which was developed to promote better health in astronauts when they live in zero-gravity environment. The user can work in different positions that are as natural as being in bed while supporting the body’s posture as if they are working on a desk. The weight is distributed across multiple points in the body which is healthier than the seated desk position which concentrates force downwards on the lower back.

“When I am working behind a desk sitting on chair, I always have the feeling of being forced to work, that I have to get it done. I feel stress and pressure, which doesn’t make me more productive, it is rather the opposite,” says Pascal. Different adaptations and foam upholstery let the user cushion themselves in whatever position is most productive to them. Fun fact: Grefeiophobia relates to a fear of desks and this design does a beautiful job at conquering the enemy!

Designer: Geoffrey Pascal