Dust Wars: The Lint Strikes Back


One way to get rid of Darth Vader’s asthma-like voice – use the vacuum a little more around Mustafar. I understand that might be easier said than done, but that’s ok, Samsung just released a Star Wars-themed autonomous vacuum. We’ve seen some insane Star Wars mash-ups over the past year – with the likes of the Darth Vader kettlebells and lightsaber ceiling lights – but the Samsung X Star Wars POWERbot VR7000 robot vacuum is by far the coolest one to date.

These nifty little vacuums come in a choice of either a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader façade. I think you’ll be opting for the Darth Vader version though – with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and an onboard speaker system, it seems like a clear winner here. Boasting a suction power of 10 watts, these vacuums really do have the force, but not the one you’re thinking of, the POWERbot has CycloneForce technology, really sucking up anything in its path. These guys also have the ability to clean those spots that you once had forgotten about, tucked away in those overlooked corners thanks to autonomous home mapping.

Designer: Samsung

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