Leafy Faucet

Linfa is a range of electronic faucets that includes several models for washbasin, bath and shower. The main body is from chromed brass featuring an organically shaped component made in corian. The fusion of the two creates an essentially elegant design that celebrates the natural flow of water. Inspired by waterfalls and leaves, the faucet is perfect as luxury fitting. The tech advantage of an electronic mixing device and remote controls makes it all the more alluring!

Designer: Andrea de Dominicis


  • Quintin says:

    I’d love two of those wall mounted washbasin faucets…

  • JBStudioArte says:

    amazing project!

  • David says:

    Beautiful presentation renders too. Well done

  • chris says:

    Very nice idea and a smart way to combine corian and brass.

    What stage of your project are you in now? Moved to production already?

  • Rahul S. says:

    very nice presentation & renderings…

  • Andrea says:

    Hi chris!
    This project is only a concept at the moment…i’d like to try to move it to production…I have to find one possible producer!!

  • chtis says:

    good point !
    Do you have a website introducing some other of your work?
    You seems very talented !

  • Booozz says:

    I think your idea may be interested big company like Grohe or Hansgrohe.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very smooth. I love the shape of this faucet.

  • Andrea says:

    Thanks to everybody!!
    ehi chtis we’ll talk on linkedin!!

  • ivo says:

    Not bad design.
    But how you’ll solve the problem with the stream…
    After some distance it is not laminar any more.
    I work for the competitor of Grohe 😉

  • ivo says:

    I’ll give you one idea – so there is a plastic, which changes its color according to temperature.

  • nithin says:

    hey , that’s a good design i love the shape and also the flow you have made ..
    why cant that be mechanical .. rather than electrical ??

  • Pavel Valkov says:

    how much cost the cran and can you send it to Holland or Bulgaria?

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Pavel!
    What do you mean by cran?

  • Andrea says:

    This is just a concept!It’s not produced yet!:-)

  • jp says:

    hello, very nice
    it in production is

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