Subtle home decor for the Star Wars fanatic

If the Alhazen lamp reminds you of an iconic object from a sci-fi pop-culture phenomenon, you’re not alone. The lamp is a play on the Lightsaber and uses acrylic optics to disperse light, much like most lightsaber toys and prototypes do. Designed by Saif Faisal who wanted a lamp that was both cool and practical at the same time, the Alhazen takes the lightsaber and changes a few key details to make it look like a prop from Star Wars, but also have a character of its own. The lamp is made from a wooden base that holds the lighting element, and the lighting element itself, comprising a handle, a hollow acrylic tube with an LED-strip, and an acrylic plug that sits on the top. Switch the LEDs on and the frosted acrylic diffuses them, while its edge-lighting properties allow it to glow from top to bottom like a lightsaber does. Oh what I’d give for a Kylo Ren version of this lamp!

Designer: Saif Faisal Design Workshop