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Cigarettes have long been a source of power for song writers and brooding actors. For years, these cancer stick starlets have lit up the silver screen and play a major role in countless movies and pop culture. They are used as a universal currency in prisons around the world, as post sex rituals, as part of magic tricks, as conversation starters.. ” got a light?”, as a last right before execution and even as timers on bombs. But all over the world, more and more restaurants are banning these poor little fags from entering their establishments.

Now designer Myan Duong has breathed new life into this classic silhouette and has figured out a way to get them back into your local eatery. By cleverly disguising them as salt and pepper shakers, Myan “Flavor Country” cigarette shaped salt and pepper shakers will manage to get people re-used to seeing them back on their dinner tables. Clever Myan, very clever.

Designer: Myan Duong


  • TH says:

    What could be less appetising than an ashtray on the table? Vomit-pattern on the tablecloth? Utensils shaped like heroin syringes and olive oil bottle disguised as a bong? IMO, cigarettes are disgusting and the shape carries no positive connotations.

    • powers says:

      It’s Postmodern, TH. Look it up. As for me, I say if I can’t smoke ’em, at least I can have ’em!

    • FUI says:

      take the stick out of ur ars.

    • oooh yes! my restaurant would totally have the syringe utensils and olive bongs! lol.

      but seriously, a whole aesthetic that ties in with these would make for a really unique restaurant experience. for example, place settings that use the retro ashtray to hold wasabi on one side, ginger on the other, with chopsticks, salt and pepper, and maybe even some complementary e-cigarettes ( resting in the slots on top. Ikea also carries some nice cylindrical outdoor lights that look like these, and have little solar panels on top. 🙂

  • Brian says:

    How are ciggies a source of “power”? Lame concept that seems more likely to have come from Phillip Morris.

  • booshi says:

    Satisfies my cravings for salty foods AND nicotine. Magic.

  • Jason says:

    AWESOME!!!! Where can I buy these?!! Can you tell us what stores or websites I can order these from? Thanks!

  • Barry says:

    simple. clean. i enjoy very much.

  • rocketecture says:

    I want to kiss the brain child of this clever idea.

  • carl says:

    big up to TH this is a terrible idea. Smoking has taken so many lives, when will people learn. its a disgusting idea, but is that the point? society has now moved on. Ash trays inside commercial areas are a thing of the past, just like signs on buses that said ‘No Spitting’

    is design now so lost that it has to shock to get applause, what message does this give to our children. shame on you shame on you all.

    • nate says:

      consider that it’s not a comment about smoking but about the unexpected association.
      its not about shock. its not about disgust. its called humor. try to get some. i think they sell it at target.

      lighten up. show me something brilliant you’ve done lately. yea. thanks.

  • care says:

    don’t be jealous ppl that’s ugly.get over your D.A.R.E preaching and realize its abt the design…and quite honestly, her design is quite clever…admit it!

    i like it !

  • igreenspot says:

    great camouflage, I was almost tricked !

  • Jordan says:

    I like it! Cool idea

  • yorbs says:

    whist smokers will appreciate it, people with family members who have died or survived cancer (whose family members still continue to smoke and blatantly ignore their impending deaths), are probably feeling the same sort of disgust I’m feeling right now.

    The designer might as well make a tribute to heroin cocaine or ice, because those drugs haven’t taken a fraction of lives that nicotine has.

    Sure, smokings great, there’s nothing wrong with it and we should all put up with it everywhere. Lets all as a human race die together.

    I hope that when the designer and whoever reported on this (who are obviously smokers) are on their death beds due to smoking, have a good chuckle about just how funny smoking is.

    Good work!

    • tzz says:

      it’s JUST a salt and pepper shaker! OMG.

      i hope people with high cholesterol don’t get upset, either, because the OFFENSIVENESS OF SALT! seriously… take it for what it is…. and calm down.

  • Zoosty says:

    not suitable for dinner tables with kids around , “look mommy! look daddy! i’m smoking!”…not good.
    If ur single, or dont have children living with u, rock on…

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