The anti-bacterial and sweat-free design of this bathrobe is redefining WFH comfort

I imagine there’s a directly proportional relationship between an increase in people working from home, and an increase in people working in their bathrobes, and as someone who’s definitely done both of those, let me tell you that the bathrobe has a slight issue. The more comfortable it looks… the less comfortable it feels. Let me break it down for you.

A bathrobe’s comfort is ‘visually’ defined by its puffiness, fuzziness, and its ability to look like you’re wearing a cloud, but common sense would tell you that a puffy, fuzzy, thick bathrobe will feel heavy and less breathable after the initial few minutes. There’s no evidence that a bathrobe is any more comfortable than a cotton tee and a pair of boxer shorts, but visually, a bathrobe seems more laidback… so how does one design a bathrobe that ‘feels’ as comfortable as it looks? Well, I’m definitely not the first one to ask that question.

The Casamera Bathrobe’s entire mission was to design a bathrobe that looks as great as it feels, fits you perfectly, and dries out quickly (because let’s face it, there’s a reason it’s called a BATH robe). The Casamera robes, rather than being repurposed out of towels, are made from Egyptian cotton, using a honeycomb weave that allows the robes to be thick yet comfortable, fluffy yet breathable. It channels air in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling sweaty and makes sure that any moisture absorbed by the bathrobe dries off swiftly. In theory, it’s your comfortable, breathable 100% cotton tee, just woven differently to look and feel thick and cozy. The robe is made of material that is naturally anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, and is sustainably produced measuring up to Oeko-Tex sustainability standards. The robes come with a snug fit to ensure comfort and a built-in hoodie that lets you dry your hair out too… the Egyptian cotton, by virtue, feels great against the skin and does a remarkable job of absorbing moisture while the honeycomb weave gives you the feeling of wearing a robe that feels thick and fuzzy, but not heavy and un-breathable.

And yes, it’s also the kind of bathrobe you can wear for hours, potentially as you work from home. Designed not just to look comfortable but to feel cozy over prolonged periods of time, the Casamera bathrobe solves that cognitive gap between bathrobes that just look comfortable, and robes that you can practically wear all day and all year round… as long as you don’t have a Skype call with your boss.

Designer: Omar Bugaigis

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $119 ($50 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $235,000.

Casamera –  The Bathrobe, Redefined

A rugged, ultra-cozy upgrade to leisurewear for year-round comfort. Casamera was created by two quality-obsessed best friends who noticed a remarkable difference in the quality of home linens after moving to America.

“It seemed like every item we purchased was made cheaply and without much consideration for the end consumer. What’s worse was that the labels attached to these items were not coming from a trustworthy source-making them utterly useless. So we decided to do it ourselves and the feedback from our friends & family only confirmed that we were onto something.” Omar Bugaigis told Yanko Design.


The ultimate leisurewear. Their breathable clever-comfort design means your robe will be comfortable to move in, won’t ever feel too hot or require you to wash or dry separately.

Made purely from Egyptian cotton. Their cotton of choice is ethically grown, picked, and manufactured in the Nile Delta then shipped straight to you. Egyptian cotton has longer, stronger fibers. Making the end product more enduring and softer than anything you’ve encountered before.

QIZ & OEKO tex approved. This means no harmful chemicals or substances will ever be used in the production of your robe.

No more synthetic fibers on your precious skin.

No more fabric that snags and unravels.

No more sleeves that are too short/long.

Deep, functional pockets.

Hugs the body, quickly wicks moisture and stays cool in hot weather.

Why their material is superior.

Benefits + More

– Improves Sleep
– Helps You Unwind
– Quick to Dry
– Sustainably Produced

– Naturally Anti-bacterial
– Plant-based
– Versatile
– Zero Harmful Chemicals

Their honeycomb weaves grow tighter & the cotton more resilient after every wash with minimal shrinkage to the robe itself. This is thanks to the time-tested wonder of Egyptian cotton.


Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $119 ($50 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $235,000.