One Gee’d Up Blade

This is a revival of the scariest bathroom tool ever created by mankind. The butterfly knife. And in this case, it’s made to be used only on the throat and the face. Not for killing! For shaving. Designer George Christou is very disturbed with the idea that the butterfly knife to the throat for shaving or, as he calls it, the “art of shaving” ritual, is about to be gone forever! So he made a new one!

Christou frowns upon the ease and sissiness – (see: weak, non-manly, smart) of modern day shaving tools. So! He’s reviving the butterfly knife for it’s large, dynamic blade, dual handles, and ability to be customized and extended. The use of this product, he says, takes time, skill, and effort in order to master.

And it is called the “G Blade.”

Not allowed in my house! Too scary!

NOTE: but I should mention that it is also very beautiful, and certainly would be quite the magical feat to master.

Designer: George Christou

G Blade by George Christou