These sustainable skateboards are handcrafted to be unique for every owner

Even though the only place you can skateboard to right now is the grocery store, we can all still look forward to a nice summer day when we will be able to hit the streets again…of course, still staying 6 feet away. While admiring my board that is now resting under the couch, I came across the Rustek skateboards and longboards which got me all excited about the future summer day. If you skateboard, you are always on the lookout for a cooler, newer board, and Rustek’s latest ones are exactly what a responsible outdoor enthusiast should have!

The Rustek team prides itself on hand-selecting the highest quality natural materials which are then shaped into an aesthetic, durable, and superior board by experienced craftsmen. Since natural materials are used, each Rustek board is one-of-its-kind which adds to the appeal and the general persona of skateboarders which always stands out from the crowd – now you have a board to reflect it! The brand ethos and product design is clearly inspired by nature and is showcased in their commitment to the environment, they only use FSC certified sustainably sourced wood and responsibly sourced textiles.

From their versatile range, I love the Tesselate Longboard – it features a drop through truck that mounts for easy pushing, smooth commuting, and intuitive response. The footbeds coupled with medium flex provide extra stability, control, and a bump-free ride. My other favorite is the Burnside Hybrid Skateboard because it is the classic concept of an all-star shred-everything deck. Hop, drop and cut curbs around town, this board can do it all with you. I know exactly what I am doing post quarantine – sharpening my skills as a sustainable skateboarder!

Designer: Rustek

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