Sawaya Vortexx Chandelier by Zaha Hadid

The design language explored in the Vortex is in line with a series of furniture pieces realized in collaboration with Sawaya & Moroni. Fluidity and seamlessness are conceptual terms that best describe the appearance of this 1.8m wide and 0.8m high chandelier. Its complex curvilinearity follows a double helix connecting its beginning to its end and therefore forming an endless ribbon of light. In plan the object resembles a star with its protrusions pointing outwards from the center, emphasizing an imaginary centrifugal force.

Two transparent acrylic light spirals are inscribed in the chandelier’s otherwise opaque surface. A recessed LED light strip provides animated and programmable light sensations. Direct as well as indirect light can optionally be emitted to the environment. Consequently different lighting atmospheres may be created by the user in order to match the specific space in which the chandelier is installed.

Designer: Zaha Hadid [ Manufacturer: Sawaya & Moroni ]