This Lamborghini-inspired wristwatch is challenging swiss-made designs to make luxury watches affordable!

Within the spectrum of people who collect things, you’ve got the lower tier of hobbyists who collect coins and stamps, and right at the top you’ve got the cool collectors (coolectors, if you will) who collect watches, and cars. The Aventi A-10’s design caters to the upper echelon of curators. Inspired by Haute Horlogerie and hot automobiles, the A-10 is the soul of a supercar in the body of a wristwatch… and it doesn’t cost millions of bucks.

The Aventi A-10 is to watches what a Lamborghini is to cars. It’s aggressively sporty, a performance powerhouse, and an instant eye-catcher. The A-10 comes with an edgy form that pays tribute to its namesake, the Aventador, along with a skeletal inner-design that’s inspired by the car’s chassis. The timepiece even features Superluminova artwork on the body, lighting up at night, just like an automobile would.

At the very heart of the Aventi A-10 superwatch is its engine, the tourbillion. Sitting slightly to the left of center, like the human heart, the tourbillion provides the A-10 with its steady flicker of a heartbeat, giving it industry-defining timekeeping accuracy while also becoming the watch’s crown jewel… and while most timepieces with tourbillions can often end up costing anywhere between 5-8 figures, the Aventi A-10 remains accessible and affordable, thanks to its aggressive, disruptive crowdfunding business model. Decentralized manufacturing across Europe, USA and Asia, and its crowdfunding model challenges all the norms making this one of the highest value for money timepieces available.

Each watch comes with a hardy titanium case, complete with a scratch-proof ceramic coating and a sapphire crystal ‘windscreen’. The timepieces even have their own color range, borrowing from Lamborghini’s palette, with colors like Rosso Red and Modena Yellow. If you’re in the mood for something truly exotic, the A-10 even comes in an all-sapphire variant, exposing the watch’s intricacies, almost like an exploded view of your favorite car… and in keeping with its supercar-inspiration, the watches come with carbon-fiber wrist-belts, because that’s what it takes to build a watch truly worth collecting!

Designer: Hannu Siren

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Aventi A-10 – The First Accessible Tourbillon Watch

In Italian, Aventi means “having.” Aventi cuts the premium cost barrier attached with tourbillon watches with the A-10. The watch features premium elements like skeletonized tourbillon, titanium case, Cerakote coating, 100% Swiss Super-LumiNova and pure sapphire case.

Drawing inspiration from both supercar and luxury watch craftsmanship, their designers engineered a watch that embodies both worlds – a superwatch. This evocative timepiece communicates power, luxury and style. Unconventional and sublime in its appearance, the A-10 is designed to evoke that same feeling of first experiencing a supercar.

150 Times More Affordable Than The Average Superwatch

Aventi A-10 Specification

The Chassis:

– Automotive grade titanium with a 3020 degree melting point
– Density of 4.51/cm3
– ​​Titanium is used in supercars to reduce weight and increase strength

The Windshield:

– Highest grade sapphire crystal with 99.9996% purity
– Up to 2000kg/mm2 of hardness and 3.98kg/dm3 density
– Sapphire crystal is an incredibly scratch and shatter resistant crystal used as standard in luxury watchmaking
– An industry FIRST – they apply five layers of anti-reflective coating on the outside AND inside of the glass

The Lights:

– 100% Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 Grade X1
– Non-radioactive
– High temperature resistance
– Resistant to all environmental influences
– UNLIMITED number of charges and discharges – it will not fade
– Blue Line – emission at 485nm

The Coating:

– Automotive grade ceramic coating made in the USA
– H-Series Cerakote with temperature stability up to 500 degrees
– The thick ceramic coating is used to protect against abrasion, corrosion while increasing impact strength and hardness.
– Another luxury watch industry FIRST is the use of Cerakote. The team is able to create watches in colors never seen before.
– Colors inspired by the automotive industry. Precisely coated by Aventi’s partners in Japan.

The A-10 Skeletonized Tourbillon Engine:

– 22 jewels
– Frequency of 28800/Hz
– Power reserve of 72 hours
– Hand winding, two hands at center with double barrels
– Co-axial escapement system

This is NOT a Swiss movement. They consulted many movement manufacturers all around the world and finally settled with one that offers not only the highest quality and technology but also the best value.

Swiss makers didn’t even come close – the most affordable EXISTING Swiss movement costs close to $10,000 USD, with costs of upwards of $1 million to develop a custom movement.

They have partnered with Hong Kong-based PTS Resources in conjunction with Hangzhou Watch Company (an ISO 9000 company) to manufacture an improved variation of the Calibre 3450 Skeletonized Tourbillon Movement. This is the finest and highest grade skeletonized Tourbillon available on the market.

The Strap:

– Tapering strap in rubber with a sporty carbon-fiber inlay and case-color accents.

The Design

Supercars have a design that is filled with sharp angles and straight lines. Because of this they were not able to use industry standard parts to make this watch. This meant they had to build and create everyting – custom.

The sapphire crystal was especially difficult to work with. After all, the only crystal harder than sapphire is diamond. Glass on watches are usually predictable design: round. So most supplier and manufacturers only cater to that. They custom engineered sapphire crystal for Aventi and used high precision lasers to cut the glass to fit perfectly in the case.

With 68 individual facets and 144 edges, each hand finished piece is forged from a single solid block of pure sapphire crystal in a process that takes over 100 hours.

Each sapphire case is then treated to five layers of anti-reflective coating for a crystal-clear look from any angle, before a thick layer of clear ceramic is applied for additional impact resistance and toughness.


Michael Blakey is a Music, TV & Film Producer, along with a watch collector.

Click Here to Buy Now: Titanium for $1,099 $2,000 (45% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $685,000.
Click Here to Buy Now: Pure Sapphire for $3,300 $5,000 (34% off).