Not a Smartwatch, It’s a Neowatch


It doesn’t take a perticularly smart person to notice the trend with wearable technology. We upped the game with the cellphone a decade ago, making it a computer in your pocket, and we’re out to do the same with the watch too. However, designer Nicolás Ortiz shares my view in a certain regard. We don’t approve of or feel the need for a computer on our wrist. We haven’t really cracked the need for a smartwatch, as humans. Instead of designing a unique and desirable wristpiece, we’ve done the obvious, which is create a mini-computer on our wrist. The P`6400 is positioned as a Neowatch, an evolved timepiece dedicated to displaying and giving access to information that matters. The watch also comes with an analogue rotating dial that runs around the face of the watch. This gives the Neowatch a user interaction that isn’t just unique… it’s highly desirable too!

Designer: Nicolás Ortiz