This armored vehicle is for people who think the Tesla Cybertruck isn’t intense enough

It’s really difficult to imagine what definite post-apocalyptic scenario the ARMORTRUCK concept was designed for because truth be told, it looks like the kind of vehicle that could survive any sort of problem you throw at it. Designed by concept artist Milen Ivanov, who’s body of work involves clients like Rimac, Vilner, Dreamworks, and even the Fast and Furious franchise, the Armortruck looks like the lovechild of a Cybertruck and the Batmobile from Nolan’s Batman, on steroids.

Designed really as more of a conceptual car rather than something that even dreams to be street-legal, the ARMORTRUCK is a hulking 2000 horsepower beast that comes with an aggressive outer design featuring low-poly paneling that’s designed to make you shudder first and admire later. Given how incredibly broad the car is, gullwing doors open vertically allow you to enter and exit the vehicle, primarily because you’d possibly struggle for door-opening space in a parking lot. The car comes equipped with insane off-road tires and fog-lights, and sort of does a hat-tip to the Cybertruck with its linear tail-light. On the inside, the ARMORTRUCK paints a different picture, with luxurious leather and Alcantara seats as well as a touchscreen dashboard. Designed to provide you with comfortable conditions on the inside, regardless of how harsh and brutal the world outside is, the car even has HVAC exhaust fans on the top to keep the car’s interiors cool and comfy at all times, while passersby cower with fear and unquestioningly get out of your way.

Designer: Milen Ivanov