This front-load washing machine’s door slides inwards to save space in small homes

I’m not entirely sure if washing machine execs have noticed but most homes don’t really have massive laundry rooms. Unless you’re in a bungalow with a sprawling basement, chances are your laundry room is pretty tiny, and doesn’t offer enough extra space after you put in your machine, hamper, and ironing board. The Hide washing machine is pretty mindful of that fact and does something that’s simple yet so incredibly user-centric, it could easily be a great stand-out feature for machines in its category.

The Hide Washing Machine, as its name suggests, features a hiding door that helps it occupy a little less space when in use. In the event that your washing machine’s door ends up blocking a pathway if opened, or colliding with a pillar/wall/door, the Hide allows you to simply circumvent that problem by tucking the door right into the machine’s body. This results in a marginally wider machine, but here’s where user behavior comes into play… people usually buy machines after comparing measurements with their laundry rooms, but they don’t always account for the washing machine’s door and how it opens. The Hide’s door opens like any normal one, but then immediately slides into itself, freeing up your passageway so you can walk around and go about your laundry.

The Hide comes in an absolutely delightful dark matte metallic finish that allows it to, once again, hide away in your small laundry room (or service balcony in Asian households). Its seductively stealthy appearance is well complemented by a minimal black and white UI on the top of the machine, and the Hide even comes with an app that lets you program and activate features remotely, because there’s no such thing as TOO MANY great features, now is there?

Designers: Chae Young Yoon, Eunjong Seong, Jinwook Kim & Yaeryeun Lee.