This Swiffer-inspired bathroom cleaning brush even holds your detergent bottle

Right off the bat, I want to state that I have never seen a toilet brush that looks so sleek it is almost…beautiful? Designer Geraldine Tong wanted to change our perception of toilet cleaning tools while also solving related issues like its environmental impact and the clutter it creates in our bathrooms. Her goal was to create a brush that didn’t cause more landfill waste, took minimal space, reached the narrow areas and of course, look visually appealing – so she designed BrushPro in collaboration with Lam Soon Singapore and the mission was accomplished.

Usually, people dispose of their toilet brushes every 2-3 months and given that most of them are plastic, it leads to a lot of environmental damage. This redesigned toilet brush lets you switch out brushes while reusing the main body which reduces a lot of toxic waste. BrushPro is extremely convenient to use compared to its forerunners. The extendable handle allows you to reach narrow spaces without having to perform advanced yoga poses on the floor and minimizes your direct contact with the dirty brush. The handle also has slits that give the brush head some flexibility while cleaning – a great universal design that takes into account the experience of the differently-abled demographic as well. The brush head includes rubber as well as fiber for more efficient cleaning. Another brilliant detail is the slot for the detergent bottle, so you can simply refill and reuse the detergent bottle instead of buying more plastic spray bottles – it also frees up your hand as it combines both cleaning products in one!

The design of the BrushPro is minimal and fits the modern style. It clears away the clutter of cleaning products/tools in your bathroom with its slim form as it acts as 3 cleaning tools in 1 (wet mop, dry brush, detergent holder). The clean (pun intended) aesthetic + ergonomic build makes the chore of cleaning your bathrooms hassle-free and Instagrammable. I bet Monica Geller will probably want 6 of these for her birthdays and I don’t blame her. With the quarantine life, cleaning is the new Friday night rager and I would much rather have BrushPro’s company for it.

Designer: Geraldine Tong