InsideNorway at Milan Design Week

From prison-made lamps to barely-there benches, the Norwegians really made their mark at Milan Design Week! Hit the jump to see some of the best from InsideNorway —>

DESIGNER: Thomas Pedersen
Variér Kokon nestles your body, responding to your every movement and providing balance and harmony in your very own personal, tranquil zone. A compact and classic recliner, Variér Kokon is a modern expression of timeless elegance and unsurpassed comfort. Its compact form, ease of use and classic design make it particularly versatile.

COMPANY: Northern Lighting
PRODUCT: Bake Me a Cake
DESIGNER: Marten & Jonas
Bake me a cake is a charming and playful table lamp made out of oak wood and smoked tinted glass. Simply lift up the glass to change the bulb. The lamp portrays a dim light. Bake me a cake will be manufactured by the inmates in a Norwegian prison close to Bergen, through a unique collaboration between the designers, Kriminalomsorgen region vest (the Norwegian correctional services) and Northern Lighting. The project aims to create an engaging experience for participating inmates.

COMPANY: Helland
PRODUCT: Twin Chair + Twin sofa table
DESIGNER: Arild & Helge
The Twin chair and Twin table aim for functional and aesthetic versatility. Optional swivel or fixed leg supports are available as is a wide variety of material finishes like chrome, birch, oak, or stained wood.

DESIGNER: Voll, Borgersen and Olofsson
The goal of the EZ Bench is to provide the most comfortable, universally applicable seating with minimal use of resources and materials. It’s not only a challenging experiment, but also an important principle of sustainable development. The result is a stylish and functional bench with backrest, armrest and seat in just six components that create the mere essence of a bench.

PRODUCT: HÅG Capisco Puls
DESIGNER: Peter Opsvic
HÅG Capisco Puls is a modern and flexible office seating solution that’s based on the legendary saddle-seat chair. The starting point is an in-depth understanding of the body and our need for constant motion. The result: a new office chair specially developed for people like you who work in active, modern office environments.

Designers: Various