How many tools does it take to assemble luxury furniture? None!

Furniture curation is my new passion, maybe it is so because I am spending so much time home but there is no denying that well-designed furniture is art. As I explored the internet for easy assembly furniture that looked good, I came across the sleek LAVA bench. This beautiful piece of furniture looks like a high-end piece of art you bought from a gallery and I cannot pick between the matte black, deep green or matches-with-everything sand shade.

The LAVA bench is crafted from wood and the design has a Scandanavian influence. It has a very simple visual aesthetic and minimalistic form – the rounded curves of the top surface complement the angular bottom in a poetic contrast. The bench comes in two models, the L is the longer one and the S is a smaller one. The best part is that these benches require no tools for assembly and fit like Lego. Who knew you could put three pieces together and have a bench that looks like it was hand-delivered to you by Architectural Digest editors?

The L shaped bench is something I imagine is used as an added piece in the living room or the entryway of your home while the S bench serves as a side table and is will fit in more places. For furniture to be so basic in its build and still radiate so much elegance is what drew me to the LAVA bench, it brings a touch of subtle luxury to the table if you know what I mean.

Designer: Rostyslav Sorokovyi, Andrii Kovalskyi and Mudu Design