Furniture Designed with hidden details that put your IKEA furniture to shame!

We all love furniture design, especially the ones that highlight and focus on individual details. It is the love of those details that is encompassed in this collection! Curated especially for furniture lovers, each piece in this curated collection has a story to tell by its craftsmanship!

Aero bar cart by Plataform4 for Lider Interiors shows us a more elegant version of the classic straw woven ventilated cabinet door contrasted by a simple leather pull. This merging of two extremely traditional materials in a modern avatar is guaranteed to be a show-stealer, letting you store your bar essentials while bringing a light airy feel to any room.

With an appearance that almost mimics the fragmented beauty of terrazzo, the PVC Bench by UAE-based designer Ammar Kalo relies on a new type of composite material developed by recycling old PVC drainpipes. The transparent resin reveals the multiple PVC shards in a way that seems to contrast the bench’s overall smooth, soft, organic design.

Olly Desk by Pavel Vetrov features a perfect little niche in your table desk that holds your stationery in place for you. Along with this, there is a small cut out that holds all the wires and cables from a laptop, computer or other equipment in the center of the table. Who needs to buy more organizers when your desk is so mindful of your needs? We are in love already.

Culturally, the Japanese have been known for their attention to detail while maintaining a minimal aesthetic and this same technique can be seen in Hamanshi Design’s Paraboloid Chair. Composed of a bentwood frame and a characteristic rope back, the hyperbolic form tightens up the diagonal rope back and can be optimized as per the user’s back to disperse pressure.

Meet the Big Foot Table, obviously inspired by the well-known mythical giant, this table features equally natural wooden legs! The beauty of the original wood has been maintained throughout this table, right from the cracks to the texture that is retained and even highlighted by the space surrounding the wooden legs by designer Philipp Mainzer.

This beautiful dining table joint by Philbé Design is so smooth, it seems almost too beautiful to be true. Merging those three pieces of wood almost seamlessly, this table is the perfect example of how a single tweak can elevate everyday designs!

The Polly cabinet is a versatile storage and shelving solution. Made in solid timber, the Polly cabinet celebrates simplicity combined with subtle flowing lines and as always with TIDE Design, it is the beautiful positioning of the slanted wooden legs that caught our attention!

Making its mark in the collection of small dedicated studios, we have the Oria Armchair by Rafael Moneo, designed for Hermès. The craftsmanship shines through in the natural oak frame, taurillon H leather back and traditional cane seat. We can just imagine this chair aging over time with the beautiful leather adjusting to your needs.

Modi sofa by Lars Ernst Hole of Krafted builds a bridge between rectangular and curved shapes and is inspired by both Nordic and Asian traditions. The details of this minimal joinery emphasize the minimal nature of this product.

Olof Davidsson of OD Form created this textured stool and we can’t stop wow-ing over the texture of that birchwood design.